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Video Production Services

Custom-Made Solutions

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Creative Development

Exploring the Possibilities

Every project starts as an idea. A seed that needs to be nourished atakes hold and begins to grow. We help you take your ideas and needs and create a plan on how to reach your video goals. Writing, brainstorming, planning, scheduling and reviewing are all part of the foundation that will result in creating a poerful and impactful video.


Quality Services

Lighting, camera work, talent, studio and location settings are all part of making it happen. We will guide you on what it takes to make your video sizzle. We manage all aspects of production so you can have the highest quality at an affordable price.

Post Production

Where Storytelling Comes to Life

Taking all the creative elements and putting them together is the key to post production. We will help tell your story mixing video, graphics, music dialogue and narration. It is great watching your project come to life but it requires finesse and skill to make it happen. That is our specialty.

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Orchestrating Your Project

Here’s how we do it.

First, we assess the best route to take with the budget that is available. We work with highly skilled producers, camera operators, directors and technicians to create highly customized and elaborate videos for you.

We keep cost under control by renting the facilities of multi million dollar production houses. Many production companies invest in expensive equipment. To get a return on their investment, these companies typically direct their clients to buy services that they offer. Sometimes the match is good but more often than not, the client is sold something they don’t really need. We sit down with you and evaluate your goals, and how you plan on using video and multimedia services. After a careful examination, we make our recommendation on how to accomplish the goal.

Then, we take the role of producer, and coordinate, write, direct, produce and deliver your project. This may be at our own facility or more often than not, we rent the best facilities available depending on the demands of the project. This allows us to be totally flexible to your needs and assures that you will get  the right service for the right price.

Video and multimedia production can help you build your own business. A marketing message targeting your client when expressed in video can be very powerful and clear.

We specialize in communications and that includes the communications between us and our clients. We go in depth explaining how we can customize a video or multimedia message that is right for you. We will spell out all the cost and time involved. We encourage all our clients to ask questions. We don’t always know what you don’t understand so we need effective feedback through questions. This will help us do our job better too. 

Let us know what you want and we will tell you how to get there.

We are dedicated to making your life and job easier. Our goal is to provide support material whether it’s for your sales staff, training staff or administrative staff. Increased sales and productivity can mean only one thing, a stronger bottom line. Remember, whether you want to train, market, motivate or be a good corporate citizen, Ground Fog Productions is ready to help you accomplish your goals.

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