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About Groundfog Productions

Our Story

Ground Fog Productions is a company that specializes in project management for both the creative and technical implementation of video, broadcast and multimedia productions. We are the conductor. We coordinate and accomplish whatever it takes to get the results you want. First, we sit down with you and decide what your needs are. Many video production companies try to fit their clients into their specialties. We are completely different. If you need the next greatest epic Corporate video, we can make it happen. If you want a lecture series taped and placed on the internet, we can do that too. Cover a special event, record you’re meditation DVD, create a series for television or make dvd’s of a Medical Marketing video. All of these type of productions are easily managed by our staff and we can deliver high quality, customized services at a reasonable price. We have been in business since 1998 and have a wealth of expertise ready to help you create your next project.


Our mission is to develop and produce outstanding video, broadcast and multimedia content and services that will help our clients achieve their goals. To that end, we will provide outstanding customer service with genuine care for clients, associates, partners and audiences.

Ken Cherry, Owner

Ken Cherry has produced and managed training videos for organizations  like  Pepsi, Florida Department of Transportation, The Veterans Administration and The Educational Testing Service. He also has extensive experience helping companies develop and produce their corporate message through video. Ken has produced several documentaries ranging from Migrant Children to Art Education for people with disabilities. He has also produced several public television series including "The Gentle Doctor", Jenkins Art Workshop" and "WEDU Quest". He is an extraordinary story teller who can take goals and plans and turn them in to compelling stories. If you are looking for a production partner for your next big project, you have come to the right place. According to Ken, “Creative video storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate.”

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